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Ontario Consolidation Services

Pay Off Your Debt  |  Improve Your Credit Rating  |  Save Money


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#1 in Southwestern Ontario for Mortgage Refinancing, Debt Consolidation, Accessing Cash from Your Home's Equity.

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Save money and get
mortgage FREE...faster!



Our approach is different and on average we save our clients $1,100 a month.

Through our affiliates, we have access to over 100 lenders across Canada, which ensures you always receive the best rates and terms on mortgages, for your specific situation.  At OCS, we guarantee we'll always lower your monthly payments and improve your credit, on average our clients save $1,100 per month.  Looking to do home improvements, or buy a second home?  OCS can provide you with lump sums of cash for whatever you need. 

Unlock the potential in your home!

 Think of the possibilities a lump sum of cash could provide you?

What would you do with an extra $1,100 a month?

Our Proven Process




After hearing about them from a friend, I contacted Ontario Consolidation Services. They provided quick efficient solutions to our situation. Many thanks to Kevin and his staff for making the adjustments effortless. Would highly recommend!
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Let our friendly staff show you a better way!

Our Team


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 Kevin Judd has completed the Mortgage Agent Course with The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada

Kevin has completed courses in Credit Counselling and is a Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS) 

Kevin founded Ontario Consolidation Services and has assisted hundreds of satisfied clients over a seventeen year career, with a mandate to improve the finances, and quality of life for Ontario residents.  

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Becky is the OCS Human Resources Manager / Administrator.  She has completed three separate diplomas in her field including Human Resources Management.

Becky comes from a small farming community with strong work habits.  Becky is as pleasant to deal with as she is hard-working.

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Heather is an Associate Consultant with OCS.  Heather has many years of experience in sales
and customer service.  Heather is very down
to earth and easy to
talk with. 

Heather genuinely enjoys helping others, and naturally makes her clients feel comfortable, which goes a long way in Financial Services. 

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As a person with a disability, Nathan has received a lot of help in his life. As an Associate Consultant with a Bachelors in Social Development Studies and Masters of Public Service, Nathan has a passion to help clients live their best lives.  With a background in Government and the trucking industry, Nathan knows the fears of long processes and the needs of clients and is determined to give them the best service possible. 



Cindy has an extensive background in hospitality sales and service.  Sales and customer service come second nature to her.  She has taken on the role of Associate Consultant because she thoroughly enjoys helping people and finds the work rewarding. 

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Cathy's background is in senior management at long term care facilities.  Cathy recently joined our team as an Associate Consultant, with an uncanny ability to relate
to retired clients. 
Our services quite often assist geared-to-income clients, with improving their quality of life by lowering their monthly payments.  As with any of our highly trained staff, making a tangible difference in people's lives, is at the forefront of our efforts. 

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At OCS, we believe a positive, stress-free working environment, not only contributes to healthier employees, but it improves productivity as well!  Brutus helps remind us all to enjoy our day and keep things light!    

Our Reviews

Our reviews speak for themselves.


Roll your debt into one, easy, low payment.

  • What does Ontario Consolidation Services do?
    We roll all your debt into one, easy, low payment on a mortgage. Through a network of brokers, we offer the lowest mortgage rates in Ontario
  • How much do your clients save on average?
    Our clients typically save around $1,000 per month
  • How long is the process?
    We can quote our clients within three business days, then it’s typically just a few weeks before funds are released and you're saving money!
  • What information do I have to give you to get started?
    A quick conversation with one of our highly trained staff is all you need to get started.
  • Does your process improve my credit score?
    Yes, it improves your score and your debt servicing ratio, which are both important factors in obtaining credit.
  • Why is it better to deal with OCS instead of my bank?
    Through our network of brokers, we are able to shop you over 100 different lenders to obtain the best rate possible, kind of like a Trivago for lenders! OCS offers more personalized service, and we’re able to approve those who would otherwise be turned down by a bank.

Contact us today and you could be debt free in just weeks!


Head Office

44 East Street, Unit 3 | Goderich, | ON |  N7A 1N3​​


London Office

380 Wellington Street, Tower B, 6th Floor | London | ON |  N6A 5B5 


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