Credit Debt in Ontario has reached an all-time high, with many families struggling despite stable employment.  Interest rates are rising and Credit Scores continue to fall in Ontario without the average resident knowing how to fix their score.  All of this results in less money for residents of Ontario.

Ontario Consolidation Services, was conceived to resist the trend of hard working Ontarian's, getting caught up in the " Revolving Door " of high interest, credit debt payments.  Helping the residents of Ontario live a better lifestyle, by putting more money in their pockets, is " Our Mission. "

At some point, to affect change, changes need to be made.  Through our affiliates, we offer our clients the resources to consolidate debt, and we educate and empower them to control their credit scores, which reverses today's trend. 

Proud Member of the Ontario Small Business Network 

Member of The Oxford County Small Business Center Established Circa 2002

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